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We talk a lot about the concept of ‘building tribes’ on this podcast.  For our purposes, a tribe is a group of customers who love your company, appreciate your product, and feel like a part of something special because, well, they are. There are two primary reasons that the trial metaphor has always worked for me:

  1. You must be doing something right if you have a community of raving fans
  2. It’s very easy to tell if you actually have a tribe or not

Our guest today is part of a movement that’s quickly becoming a tribe. She’s part of a community of millions of passionate, empowered women, all of whom share the simple belief that gender equality should be a given.  Or at least not too much to expect.  Like so many other women, our guest has decided that just sitting back and watching is no longer an option.

That’s why she founded Be Golden– a business whose mission is to support and empower women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds.  During our conversation, Sarah Perfetti shares how Be Golden originally came about, as well as her thoughts on the evolution of feminism.  Lastly, she tells us how the upcoming Be Golden Conference attracts women from all over the country and brings them together to celebrate the qualities that make all of them leaders, innovators, and revolutionaries.

As usual, we’re so glad that you joined us.

Topics discussed in this episode include:
  • How Be Golden Got Its Start (2:30)
  • How Women’s Empowerment is Changing (6:15)
  • The Four Waves of Feminism (14:00)
  • The #MeToo Movement (17:30)
  • Speakers and Topics at the Upcoming Conference (23:00)
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Special thanks to Sarah Perfetti for taking the time to share the Be Golden story with us. 

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