Are your friends in love?

Are your friends in love with their insurance? No? Send them to us. They’ll fall in love with insurance, with their business, and with Shine. “I love Shine Insurance. McKenzie and Jeremy care about their clients, and make insurance understandable.” Abby Noroozi, The Green Nursery “McKenzie always offers sound advice and knowledge. Our business can be complex and she works hard to...

13 Ways To Stay Warm in Extreme Cold

We are experiencing the coldest weather we have faced in over 20 years Sunday night through Tuesday night, wind chill temperatures of -40 degrees. Read on for tips to protect yourselves, your plumbing, and your heat. 1. Bring animals inside.  2. Set your thermostat a few degrees higher to build up some warmth BEFORE the extreme temperature arrives. You can expect your furnace to run constantly...

Lunch: An Easy Way to Understand Insurance

Want a simple breakdown of insurance?  Here it is.    

Work + Life = BALANCE

Balance is possible, my people. It just is. And it’s mostly in your head and your heart. Last night I spoke to a group of lovely, attentive people who gave me so much love while I stood at the front of the room and talked. It was exhilarating. I don’t want the conversation to be over! So I am sharing the presentation HERE And spreading the love I practice every day by connecting you...

Shine On: Health Care. How To Sign Up.

Have you tried to sign up for the Health Insurance Marketplace? Have you been successful? We have. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how: We went to this page: We printed the form. We filled it out. We put it in the mail. Just like we have done all these years for our health insurance...

Work vs Life – is balance possible?

      When everything is a priority…and nothing is being done well…you start to feel like a loser.    You may start to wonder…is balance even possible? We say yes. And we want to help you find your balance. Join us Wednesday November 13 5:30-7:30. Have a drink, see some friends or make some new ones, and give yourself a break. Register here. It’s free.  

Is your insurance scary? We can solve that.

Is your business insurance agent the Young Pro of the Year? Ours is.

Why Shine? House to Home Radio Show

The good people at Monroe County Building Association asked us to share what insurance means to us.  Take a few minutes and listen to McKenzie and Jeremy share why working with Shine Insurance makes so much sense. Part One: Part Two:   Let us know what...


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