EMPLOYERS: Listen up, this will only take a sec…

The Health Insurance Marketplace (formerly called the Exchange) opens October 1. Employers with at least one employee and $500,000 or more revenue are required to notify employees IN WRITING about the Health Insurance Marketplace by October 1, 2013 or face fines of $100 per day per employee. New hires must be notified within 14 days of hire. It does not matter whether you currently offer health...

Work Comp woes? Meet your new hero.

  McKenzie May Goodrich, Certified Authority on Workers Compensation. McKenzie will show you how to take control of your costs. Contact us and join our insurance revolution. Shine on!

Firehouse Spectators

If you walk the cobble stone streets of Alexandria, VA (George Washington’s old stomping grounds), the 300 year old brownstones still have the metal fire insurance plaques attached to the door. In the old days, you had to buy insurance if you wanted the Fire Department to actually come and attempt to save your burning house. If you didn’t have it, they might come for the spectacle but they...

Shine makes insurance this smooth

We’re posting this just for fun and because it’s awesome.  Some people just make what they do seem super easy and effortless.  Jimmy Fallon’s collaborations are amazing examples of that. We hope Shine makes insurance in Bloomington as smooth as this version of Robin Thick’s “Blurred Lines” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOZjaqHioro

Get Auto Educated

So your 10 year old just took the car out and played demolition derby with your neighborhood. Wrong time to read this post! By the time you’re explaining to the neighbors how your kid stole the car keys it’s too late. You’ll be getting an education about your policy whether you want one or not. Figure it out now and not then. Let’s Break it down. Auto insurance has two basic parts...

Magical Insurance Premium

There is this phenomenon we call “Magical Insurance Premium.” Magical Insurance Premium happens when your big box store insurance company finds out you’re shopping for better coverage, better service, and a better insurance experience. The moment you’re ready to dump your old corporate insurance company to work with your local independent agent….you hear: “Send...

Obamacare delayed till 2015 for employers

Read more about the Affordable Healthcare Act Employer Mandate here  


Robot Insurance – do you have it?

We are still laughing about this. Working on our contract with Old Glory Insurance now, just in case. Robots are strong.

What’s in a name?

Everything! Definition of SHINE  from our friends at Merriam-Webster Dictionary… 1 : to emit rays of light 2 : to be bright by reflection of light 3 a : to be eminent, conspicuous, or distinguished <shines in mathematics> b : to perform extremely well <when will stocks really shine again?> 4 : to have a bright glowing appearance <his face shone with...
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