The Hartford

Why choose The Hartford?

“Building on our proud history of doing the right thing, you can count on The Hartford to engage on issues when we can make a difference and influence change, and to demonstrate our positive impact on society.”

Christopher Swift, Chairman & CEO

Human Achievement Is at the Heart of What We Do

We put our belief into action by not only ensuring individuals and businesses are well protected, but by going even further – making an impact in ways that go beyond an insurance policy.

The Power of Having a Positive Impact

By practicing our business in a sustainable way, we achieve greater levels of success for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Environmental Stewardship

We understand the risks that environmental challenges present to people and our communities. So, we’re committed to mitigating climate change and reducing our impact on the environment through actions like reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 2.1 percent a year.

Communities & Giving

Helping others defines who we are. Creating safe, strong, and successful communities is the key to a vibrant society. That’s why positively impacting the lives of 10 million people through the end of 2022 is our goal.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our culture is inclusive and supportive, where all are welcome – to bring their own ideas and opinions and where there are opportunities for everyone to succeed.

Ethics & Compliance

Doing the right thing is core to who we are as individuals and as a company. To us, ethics and integrity always come first.