Firehouse Spectators

If you walk the cobble stone streets of Alexandria, VA (George Washington’s old stomping grounds), the 300 year old brownstones still have the metal fire insurance plaques attached to the door. In the old days, you had to buy insurance if you wanted the Fire Department to actually come and attempt to save your burning house. If you didn’t have it, they might come for the spectacle but they wouldn’t pump up the hoses!

Fortunately, things are different today and Fire departments come no matter what. The problem is, they won’t pay for the clean up after they leave. Only your homeowners insurance will cover that. When your home is left in ruins, a properly written Homeowners policy and your local agent will help you pick up the pieces.

But does your policy just cover you for fires?  Not anymore!  Now policies cover all kinds of things from falling meteors to ice storms.  Modern policies don’t just cover the building either.  Your policy should protect your home,  your stuff, and other structures on your property.  On top of that, you should have coverage in the case that others getting hurt at your home.

So what are you covered from? Well that all depends on how your policy was written.  So go find your policy and take a look. Do you know what your covered from? Will your insurance pick up the whole tab if you have to rebuild your house? What about if your dog bites the neighbor?

If you’re not sure, call Shine and we’ll take a look.

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