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Okay, now it’s time to get self-reflective. This week’s episode is all about Scratch Entrepreneur itself– how things stand now and where exactly we’re headed. Jeremy talks about why the podcast exists, how we do it, and where we’re at right now. After that, he talks about what’s coming next.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Last week’s conversation with Jonathan Grzybowski: ‘How to Get Your First 200 Customers’
  • A peek at next week with Mike McAfee, Director of the NFP Visit Bloomington
  • This week on Patreon: Jeremy’s StoryCorp interview with McKenzie

Episode Overview

This week’s episode is a little bit different.  Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

Section One: Why We Do This and What We’ve Learned
  • How we started Scratch Entrepreneur (6:30)
  • I love hearing about the successes and failures that other business owners experience (12:10)
  • The insights we’ve gained over the years (15:30)
Section Two: How We Pull It Off Each Week
  • The first few episodes (21:45)
  • The next thirty episodes (22:30)
  • The team now (24:15)
Section Three: Where Scratch is Headed
  • Our Original Mission (27:15)
  • How increased awareness of the show has created new opportunities (30:15)
  • On-air executive coaching with David Quick (32:40)
  • Our Patreon (34:30)

To finish up, we’ve got some questions for you.  How is this podcast contributing to YOUR life?  How is it helping you make better business decisions?  Lastly, does it help you identify with other business owners who might have experienced the same struggles and success as you?  We’d love to hear from you in one the following ways:

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