How to Get Your First 200 Customers With Jonathan Grzybowski

For the budding entrepreneur, standing at the edge of a new venture is equal parts exhilarating and bone-chilling.  In order to truly dive in, you have to strap into the harness of those who believe in you, lean over an abyss that’s devoid of salary and benefits, and jump.  Think about the moment you finally jumped.  What job did you leave? How long was it before you felt confident you’d be able to make your next mortgage payment?  These first few years are incredibly difficult and far too many people fail.

But our guest today didn’t fail.  He didn’t fail the first time or the second.  Today’s guest is Jonathan Grzybowski, owner of Penji Graphic Design.  Listen in as he shares his story, his insights into attracting your first 200 customers, and some tips on how to elicit the best work out of your designers.

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Episode Guide

This week’s topics include:

  • What sparked Jonathan to start his own business? (8:00)
  • What is Penji? (11:45)
  • Building a client base (13:00)
  • Going from un-scaleable to scaleable (18:30)
  • Find the ideal client (21:00)
  • Connecting with a Graphic Designer (25:00)
  • Communicating with a designer to get the exact results you want (27:00)
  • Where does Jonathan expect to be in 5 years? (33:45)

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Special thanks to Jonathan Grzybowski for sharing the Penji story with us.

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