Magical Insurance Premium

There is this phenomenon we call “Magical Insurance Premium.”

Magical Insurance Premium happens when your big box store insurance company finds out you’re shopping for better coverage, better service, and a better insurance experience.

The moment you’re ready to dump your old corporate insurance company to work with your local independent agent….you hear:

“Send me a copy of the new quote so I can make sure you’re getting the same coverage as we gave you.”

You send the new quote to your old company.

The old company calls back with great news!

They say something like:

“We looked at your policy and realized we can do the same thing as your new agent, and we can beat the price by $100!”

It’s magic! Poof! Down goes your insurance bill.

This happens.

We gather info, work on quotes, explain coverage options, point out problems with the current policy, and offer a customized insurance program.

Our new client finally understands what they’re buying.

They call their old company to cancel, their old company convinces them to stay put.

We understand! It’s easier to stay put.

All you wanted to do was save money, right?

So you save money AND you don’t have to switch.

But questions linger…

Why didn’t your old company take better care of you in the first place?

Who is helping you and who is trying to figure out how much they can take advantage of you?

At Shine Insurance Agency, you are not just a number. Your family is not just another file in the computer.

Before you work with Shine Insurance, your insurance bill is probably just a number. You consider the coverage…but you may not really understand it. You feel like all insurance policies are the same and the price is the only difference.

When you buy insurance based on price alone, you may not have a trusted advisor on the other end of the phone line when…

…your house is a smoking pile of ashes, or

…your kid is in the hospital after a car accident or

…your former customer is suing you.

Most times, we beat the corporate companies on price AND value.
But we truly SHINE when you are suffering a crisis.
You call US – McKenzie and Jeremy Goodrich. Not an 800 number. Not a stranger.

When you’re thinking about insurance protection for your family, your business, your home, your life, consider:

Who do you want in your corner at those pivotal life-changing moments when the storm clouds are bursting on your life?

We’d love for it to be Shine Insurance Agency