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Welcome to the Managing CRE Risk podcast, where we believe that if you can identify, understand, and manage the risk, you can take huge leaps in your CRE journey and find more success along the way. 

Our guest today is Jason Yarusi, a real estate syndicator and investor with over 1100 units in the Midwest. In this conversation, we discuss how to identify risks on the operation side and how to be an exceptional manager. We also talk about where the market is heading and if it’s a good idea to acquire at the moment.

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“We need about 15 million homes for the decade between 2020 and 2030 but at this pace, we’ll only build about 11 million. So we have a way to go.”


At the beginning of our conversation, Jason shares the biggest risks in the current market.

According to him, on one hand, the market has high prices, so many investors are afraid that they could fall off soon. On the other hand, we still have a tight supply so the prices will probably stay high for a while.

Jason is still acquiring new units. He usually looks at 75-150 unit properties but in recent years he’s become more opportunistic and sometimes considers smaller deals.  

“You have to be open to pivot and just really constantly assess where you stand.“


Jason has more than 1100 doors, so he’s dealing with asset management a lot. He explains that the biggest risk to success in asset management is not tracking your processes. 

He has regular calls with his management groups and constantly reevaluates the management plans to make them more successful. It’s crucial to have strong values and shared direction across all the management teams.

Jason’s advice on how to make good investment decisions in this market is to either know the community or know someone who knows the community in the area you’re investing in. It’s very important for him to make the community a better place by making thoughtful renovations and bringing money back to the neighborhood.

About Our Guest, Jason Yarusi

Jason is the founder of Yarusi Holdings with his wife Pili. They have over

acquired over 1110 multifamily units since 2017. He is an avid ultra

runner and workout enthusiast. Hosts The Multifamily Live

Podcast. W  akes up daily at 4:32 am. Is an Aspiring Ukulele Player.

And most importantly Father of three amazing kids and husband.

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