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Welcome to the Managing CRE Risk podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. Today, we have a commercial real estate heavyweight on the show, Hunter Thompson, who has been in the CRE world for a long time as an investor and capital raiser. In our conversation, we talk about how inflation affects the market, how to raise and protect capital, and why this might be a great time to get into real estate investing. Join us and learn how to be a stellar capital raiser!

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“Interest rates are rising and it’s really impacting deals right now.”


At the beginning of our conversation, Hunter explains what the word risk means to him.

According to him, the most important factor in protecting investor capital is debt. It’s the determining factor on whether or not investors can get their money back. So they must leverage their investments intelligently because they need to supercharge their returns.

Hunter shares the most common mistakes he sees people making around debt.

  • Not thinking deeply enough about the loan to value ratio. What’s that value based on? How different is the current value of that asset from that future value?
  • Not having a big enough network, so if things go wrong there’s no help.

“I don’t like the “rich get richer” game, but I’m certainly not going to be on the losing side of that discussion.”


Hunter talks about inflation as one of the biggest risks in the current market. However, for real estate investors, even though their expenses grow with inflation, their income could grow even more significantly.

People who are participating in the real estate market right now will get wealthier and people with fixed incomes will suffer from inflation. It’s important to educate people about passive investing.

“I built up a platform and the louder my voice got, the higher the caliber of people I could attract.“


Hunter is a seasoned capital raiser. He shares his best advice for new capital raisers coming into the current market.

  • Find your role in someone’s business who’s been doing it longer and has a bigger network.
  • Use the “fund of funds” model and compile a small group of people into an LLC to be able to raise a more significant amount together.

Hunter has created a coaching program and a free summit called The 100k to Invest Summit where he shares his knowledge together with many real estate professionals.

About Our Guest, Hunter Thompson

Hunter is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Asym Capital (“AY-SIM). Since founding Asym, Hunter has helped more than 400 retail investors acquire over $150,000,000 of mobile home parks, self-storage, retail, office, ATM machines, and cryptocurrency assets.   

Hunter is also the host of the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast which has received over 1,000,000 downloads.  

He also wrote Raising Capital for Real Estate which hit #1 on Amazon in Real Estate Sales and Selling.  

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