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Welcome to the Managing CRE Risk podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. Our guest today is Tommy Brant – a once electrical engineer, now a dedicated full-time real estate investor. Join us in this episode as we delve into the art of building a solid syndication team, uncovering potential pitfalls in multifamily deals, and the importance of establishing reliable structures and processes in your real estate business. You don’t want to miss out on this episode

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“We’re in a business where we can’t be buying with emotion when it comes to other people’s money so if I can’t buy with the spreadsheet, then I’m not going to buy.”


Tommy began his professional journey as an electrical engineer, dedicating 12 years to this field before moving on to real estate investing. His experience as an engineer taught him the importance of paying close attention to details and establishing effective systems.

Initially, Tommy focused on investing in single-family homes. In 2021, he made the switch to becoming a full-time real estate investor. Currently, his main focus is on multifamily syndication.

“If it’s not a “hell yes” for our investors, then it’s a “hell no”


Tommy shares a deal that appeared promising but ultimately did not pan out. Despite finding a property with potential and assembling a strong team, they soon discovered fraudulent activity committed by the property manager. As a result, the contract was canceled and legal action against the manager was recommended.

From this experience, Tommy learned valuable lessons about the importance of risk management for asset managers. He advises implementing weekly property management calls, closely monitoring financials for inaccuracies, and avoiding entrusting financial responsibilities to a single individual.

Despite this setback, Tommy persevered and successfully syndicated a 49-unit property in Louisville in 2022, which proved to be a profitable venture.

“Every deal is different, every structure is different, and every type of investor is different, so you’ve got to classify things appropriately.”


At the end of the conversation, Tommy delves into the topic of syndication structuring, which is divided into three key domains: acquisition, investor management, and asset management.

Tommy is known for his meticulous approach to process management, having invested significant time and effort in developing detailed checklists for each of the three domains. He emphasizes the importance of building an experienced team and participating in masterminds to gain valuable insights and experience.

When it comes to market predictions for the next couple of years, Tommy believes that we will be experiencing an elevated inflationary environment, which could manifest in the form of supply and inventory fluctuations.

About our guest, Tommy Brant

Tommy Brant is a ‘recovering‘ electrical engineer and data scientist turned full time Real Estate Investor. Based in Nashville, TN. He started TB Capital Group as a tool to buy real estate with family, friends, and partners. He helps busy professionals accelerate their wealth through passively investing in real estate.

His goal is to help others achieve ULTIMATE freedom (which can’t be done without being financially free)

Portfolio of LTR, STR, and apartments – invested in 400+ units, totaling $36M in assets.

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Special thanks to Tommy Brant for taking the time to share so many great insights with us

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