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Our guest today is Anthony Vicino, best-selling author, multifamily investor, and serial entrepreneur. In this episode, we dive deep into what it means to succeed as an entrepreneur. We talk about mindset, how to be creative, and how to reach the hyperfocused flow state. We also discuss marketing on social media and how to create content that truly connects with your audience and grows your business.

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“Find those opportunities for growth and for challenge because that’s when you’re the most engaged with life.”


Anthony was a rock climber for about a decade. Through that, he learned a lot about seeking out challenges and taking risks to get better. Rock climbing is all about problem-solving and constantly improving – skills he could use in his businesses.

Anthony talks about the right mindset for succeeding as an entrepreneur. He encourages us to focus on the road and not on the destination and celebrate small successes every day. Mindset is like a muscle that needs to be developed constantly.

Ways to strengthen our mindset:

  1. Start meditating. Don’t force yourself at first, take 1 step at a time, and start with 1-5 minute meditations.
  2. Change the way you talk to yourself and the way you react to things. Practice gratitude. 
  3. Start working on your mindset in the time when you’re calm and non-reactive.
  4. Have a visual reminder.

“The studies bear this out again, and again, and again – there’s about a 500% increase in productivity when we’re in the flow state.”


Anthony is very passionate about achieving a hyperfocused or flow state. He’s helping people figure out how to build systems around themselves so that they can focus with intentionality on the things that really move the lever.

According to Anthony, we need curiosity, passion, and motivation to reach this hyperfocused state. 

How to get into the flow state?

  1. Do environment design. Find a calm, quiet place, where you won’t be interrupted.
  2. You have to be in a good mood for the flow state to happen.
  3. Get outside. Go into a novel environment that is information-rich.
  4. Routine builds familiarity. Within that routine, you have the maximum potential to be creative and focused.

 It takes 20-30 minutes to get in the flow state, and you can stay in it for up to 60-90 minutes.

“For an author or anybody, the hardest thing to look at is the blank page. You gotta have something already there to get started.”


Anthony is very active on social media, specifically on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a good place to build business connections because people are already in the right mindset. Youtube is also a good platform because people go there to search for information.

Anthony’s advice when creating content is to think about what’s in it for the people. Don’t just talk about yourself, focus on helping others. 

Anthony’s advice is to have a few topics that you can always go back to and can craft your social media posts around.

“Tactics are knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do.”


At the end of the episode, Anthony picks action steps from the REI Clarity Framework that is the most valuable to him. These are “Grow Your Community” and “Know Your Strategy”.

For Anthony, strategy is the big macro framework for everything that you’re doing in your business. And all the opportunities and tactics are the direct result of all the strategies that you enact. The strategy creates the framework for all the opportunities.

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