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Today, we have a huge surprise for you! The REI Clarity show is transforming into the Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk podcast. We’re shifting our focus to managing CRE risk and learning how to take bigger risks successfully.

Join us on this new journey!

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“Being able to take risks is the key to success, we have to take risks.”

Over the course of the last two years, we interviewed some of the best real estate investors out there and gained information on how to take the leap from part-time investing to full-time investing. Outside of the podcast, as an insurance advisor, Jeremy is also talking with hundreds of clients about the hardships they’re facing in their work.

During that time, we’ve heard a recurring theme throughout every conversation – RISK.

Understanding risk is the key to unleashing the profits of a commercial real estate deal and ultimately creating a successful commercial real estate portfolio. We want to pivot this show to speak directly to that. We’re saying goodbye to the name, REI Clarity, and moving on to the Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk podcast.

Jeremy’s going to be interviewing asset managers and seasoned investors, asking them specifically about the risks they take and how they find success while managing and mitigating those risks.

We’re super excited about this shift as we feel like it moves us closer to where our knowledge base is, where our understanding is, and where we can provide true insight for you. 

We want to help you to elevate your game and unleash your profits by managing the risks you take. 

Can’t wait to go on this journey with you. It’s going to be an exciting one! We’ll see you in the next episode.

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