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Our guest today is Whitney Nicely, a real estate investor and business coach from east Tennessee. Her mission is to help as many women as possible achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. In this episode, she shares her best advice on how to find lease options sellers and how to navigate those sellers once you’ve found them. To learn more about Whitney and her journey, visit!

“The first day I went to work in the real world I had four full-time jobs.”


Whitney is a 4th generation entrepreneur. She started her career in her family’s dump truck companies and navigated 4 different family businesses. Now she has 3 real estate investing companies and a dump truck company of her own. Whitney sees real estate investing as a great way to establish stable, passive income. It might help you leave the family company, your corporate nine to five, or even a bad relationship. She shares the way you can get into real estate investing.

“There’s books and magazines and websites dedicated to how to put your lipstick on, but there’s not a lot dedicated to how to build a real estate portfolio.” 


Whitney has a coaching business,, where she helps women get into real estate investing and teaches them how to make passive income from real estate. She believes that women are the best real estate investors, as they are natural negotiators and nesters. Also, a lot of women inherit properties through death and divorce, and often they will trust another woman more to sell their property. Whitney wants to be a mentor for these ambitious women so they can build successful portfolios.

“Lease options really allowed me to go from little dinky deals and being a hobby investor, to learning how I can control deals without ownership.”


Whitney is very focused on lease options as an investor. According to her, it’s a fancy rental agreement with the option to buy the property later at a price we agree upon today. She helps property owners who have bought a house but moved to a bigger one and the old property has become a burden to them. She relieves their pressure by taking over their payments. 

Whitney’s advice for entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to niche down and say ”no” to bad deals. She explains how she targets her ideal property owners and why niching down is important.

Whitney’s 3 pieces of advice for real estate investors to find REI clarity:

  1. Take a long hot shower where nobody disturbs you.
  2. Or go for a long walk by yourself and think about what you really want. 
  3. Be honest with yourself because this is how breakthroughs happen.

Mentioned in the show:

  2. Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow game
  3. Mike Michalowicz – The Pumpkin Plan

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