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Our guest is Jasmine Ortiz, a commercial broker who focuses on multifamily and mixed-use commercial real estate. In this episode, we talk about the 4 types of real estate buyers, how to become an impact investor, and how to be a leader in your community. If you’re wondering how to enjoy tax benefits while also giving back to the community through investing, then this conversation will be very valuable for you!

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“We’re seeing many more buyers per seller right now in the current market even in commercial and residential.”


Jasmine is a commercial broker. She explains how the current seller’s market has way more buyers than sellers. However, she encourages everyone to be persistent and keep looking for properties.

Jasmine’s advice for the buyers is to look at contingencies carefully, be mindful of the price, and look at the timeline of the project. Research the city or town where the property is located and be flexible.

“The secondary mid-sized cities are really key right now. A lot of people invest in them because they can really see appreciation in the next few years.”


Jasmine talks about the different types of buyers and the size of properties they’re going for.

  1. Individuals who are early in their investing journey. They typically invest in 1-4 properties or small multifamilies. They’re usually eligible for first-time loan mortgages and they don’t have a long history of credit or loans.
  2. 1031 exchange investors. They have more investing experience and have 10-20 units. They’re not ready to retire yet but building their portfolio towards it. These investors are more likely to invest in multiple asset classes.
  3. Developers and syndicators with 100-500 units. There’s a lot of competition in this space right now.
  4. Corporate and institutional investors. They have 500+ units or even in 1000+ across the nation.

Jasmine’s favorite investor group to work with are the impact investors and developers. These are the investors who want to be socially impactful and are looking for a deal that has diversity and inclusion. This can mean investing in retail and commercial spaces in communities that are disadvantaged or partnering with a non-profit in your development deal. 

Recently, the federal government is encouraging impact investing. There are various opportunity zones where people can invest in these communities and also get tax benefits.

“If you’re an investor, you are automatically a leader in your community.”


At the end of the episode, Jasmine picks action steps from the REI Clarity Framework that are the most valuable to her. These are “Grow Your Community” and “Rise by Lifting Others”.

Jasmine’s advice is to become an active member in the community where you’re investing and become a leader. By investing in properties, you automatically influence the area and the landscape. As a taxpayer, you should be involved in your area.

If you can, be a member of your local economic development organization or mentor a newbie investor.

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  4. Richard Rothstein – The Color of Law
  6. The REI Clarity Framework

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