I’ve always had car insurance, but until this accident, I never realized how important it is to have GOOD insurance. Working with Shine was the key factor in making our accident a manageable headache.
Jeremy Sowders
Can’t recommend Jeremy and Shine enough. A tree fell on my car at a friend’s house, and Shine walked me through the entire process. The folks at Shine constantly try hard to meet my needs, and I am very glad to have been referred to them.
Michael Bennett
I was able to immediately get my car into the repair shop and they had a rental car waiting for me. I feel like I had a friend holding my hand. It was much harder to call my mom and let her know I was in an accident.
James Moyer

But you’ve been with the same company forever. You’re getting an amazing deal, right?

…. or are you ….


You’ve got a sweet ride already. Keep it that way by making sure you’ve got insurance to match. Grade your policy now with our


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Auto Insurance 101

Auto Insurance 101

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of auto insurance? This video will answer a TON of your questions and provide the foundation you’re looking for. Check out the entire home and auto insurance course HERE

Tips and Advice

Insurance For Teen Drivers

This video answers all of your questions about auto insurance for teen drivers. Jeremy breaks down the 6 steps from when they first get their permit to when they move out of the house. We’ll also share tips and tricks for how to make it as cheap as possible.

Auto Insurance Claims

Three Things to Do at the Scene of a Fender Bender

Getting in an accident is scary, and I walk worried clients through the process all the time. But way too often they call me after making crucial decisions at the scene of the accident. Some of them did the right thing and others cost themselves hundreds of dollars by not following these 3 simple steps

Auto Insurance

Why Car Insurance Prices go Up (& Down)

The most common reason people connect with Shine is that they feel like their old insurance kept going up for no reason. It’s super frustrating when that happens. This video will clear it up for you.