McKenzie's earnest care, thorough knowledge of her industry, ability to articulate insurance verbiage in 'laymen terms', attention to details and giving me her undivided attention:)
We were looking for an agent that makes us feel like people rather than numbers. You continue to prove that we made the right choice by switching to Shine.
Rob Potter
Can’t recommend Jeremy and Shine enough. A tree fell on my car at a friend’s house, and Shine walked me through the entire process. The folks at Shine constantly try hard to meet my needs, and I am very glad to have been referred to them.
Michael Bennett
Jeremy and McKenzie make insurance easy. I can’t say enough good things about how well they take care of their clients.
Melissa Hall
Shine Insurance is an all-around excellent organization. They are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant to do business with. I have such peace of mind knowing they are in my corner. Thanks for making insurance enjoyable, Shine!
Margie Goodwin Schrader
I loved that you treated me like a person who has genuine concerns and that i actually mattered. It was a breath of fresh air.
I’ve always had car insurance, but until this accident, I never realized how important it is to have GOOD insurance. Working with Shine was the key factor in making our accident a manageable headache.
Jeremy Sowders
I felt like there was someone on my side, who had my back.
Working with Shine has been the most pleasurable experience I've had in owning my small business. Whenever I have a question I'm never made to feel less than just because I have it. They explain things in my terms and understand where I'm coming from and where I'm going. I'll always recommend Shine...
Talia Halliday, Gather: Handmade Shoppe & Co
Extremely efficient, honest and fair. Friendly and caring, not only when you have a claim but anytime you have a question or need to add a policy. Simply exceptional compared to the rest.
Jamie Blackwell Morris
Thanks Shine for your EXCELLENT customer service and your general love for the community. Anyone that wants an insurance company that really slows down to focus on your needs, give them a call!
Bridgett DiVohl
I always assumed that dealing with an insurance company would be like filing taxes during a root canal. I could not have been more wrong! The entire process was more similar to chatting with friends that offered friendly advice and suggestions, while making sure I was making the best decision for...
Brian Jennings
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jeremy and mckenzie goodrich

In 2013, Shine founders Jeremy & McKenzie Goodrich were in a unique position to answer a simple question: Can you approach a boring crusty industry like insurance with the heart and passion of a teacher.


A few years prior, they met for the first time on Valentine’s Day at a local watering hole. A week later, they went on their first date. Jeremy was a decade into his career as an elementary school teacher. He’d recently lost the second of two children. Both passed away after long battles with metabolic disorders. McKenzie was parenting her own three-year-old and managing her dad’s insurance agency. In 2011, they married and brought their stories together.

Insurance conversations were a part of most evenings. There was so much potential to really help people in meaningful ways, but insurance had a bad reputation for a reason.  The old boy’s network and closed-mindedness was real and it dragged on McKenzie.  After 12 years of it she was ready to make change.

So she decided to take the leap, start her own agency, and make a real difference. Jeremy was on board. He would bring the educator’s perspective.  In May of 2013, they both quit their jobs and started Shine with a purpose: to change to way people feel about insurance by partnering with quality companies, making smart insurance simple, and building a business that centered around service & community.

shine insurance


In the first years, they developed the Simple-Smart-Shine method.  These three words embody the heart of the service we provide.


shine We make the process of getting insurance simple.

shineWe communicate using clear and simple language

shineWe handle the emotional labor of insurance, making our members lives easier


shineFrom company to policy, the options we offer are a smart holistic approach to insurance

shineWe are intelligent communicators sharing smart advice

shineWe take the time to understand and explain, making you smarter


shineWe expose industry -isms and injustice

shineWe donate money and time to lift up under-served members of our community

shineWhen life brings you the worst, we shine the most


Shine offers the confidence that when you wake up to the smell of smoke, a smart insurance policy and people who truly care have your back.  But even if you never experience a catastrophe, we use a portion of your premium to lift up our community and make it better. Shine membership means making you family, business, and community safer and happier, even if you never file a claim.

When you get insurance from Shine it actually counts for something, whether you need to use it or not.

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