The Perfect Iteration of You with Simone & Malcolm Collins


This week we chat with Simone and Malcolm Collins. As you’ll hear during the show, Simone and Malcolm are many things at once: venture capitalists, marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, and authors. And, like so many of us, they’re on a personal and professional journey towards the perfect iteration of themselves.

We’ll discuss how Simone and Malcolm’s journey toward their ideal has unfolded during the show. You’ll also hear where they think most start-up pitches go wrong and why they believe that Latin America is on the verge of some big wins.

As usual, we’re so glad you joined us.

Episode Guide

This week’s topics include:

  • How Malcolm proposed (1:50)
  • Building a business in developing countries (7:45)
  • Presenting your business to investors (9:30)
  • What’s a pragmatist? (14:00)
  • The ideological tree (22:30)
  • How do you want people to see you? (24:00)
  • Where will Simone and Malcolm be in five years? (26:45)

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Special thanks to Simone and Malcolm for taking the time to share the Pragmatist Guide to Life story with us


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