Meet The Team

McKenzie Goodrich


McKenzie co-owns Shine Insurance Agency. She’s the bees knees for all things business and life insurance.

She’s never met a stranger, even as a kid. This caused some early gray hairs for her parents. That said, she enjoys living her days as a human Labrador Retriever, making friends with everyone she meets. She fills her office with plants, loves her family with all her heart, and leans into laughs.

Her favorite times are:

McKenzie is honored to be connected with hundreds of rad business owners who spend their days cultivating profitable businesses and lives worth living. A native of Bloomington and an insurance nerd for 17 years, McKenzie loves helping people and insurance is a great vehicle for that. Her favorite parts of work are sharing and connecting with fellow small business owners, not only about insurance but also about living our best lives.

If you want to engage in a thoughtful experience with a welcoming, knowledgeable professional who can help you understand your insurance, you’ve found your solution. She’s been recognized for her work by the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce (Top 10 Under 40), Professional Insurance Agents of Indiana (Young Agent of the Year), and her clients love working with her and the Shine team. Allow McKenzie to change the way you feel about insurance


  • McKenzie’s the real-life Reuben from Along Came Polly. She’s lost count of the banana peels she’s picked up, spills she’s mopped, and rugs she’s adjusted.
  • She loves watching trashy Bravo TV, listening to true crime podcasts, and cleaning. Sitting in a big cuddle pile on the couch with her animals sparks joy.
  • McKenzie’s first car was a sparkly green ’93 VW Jetta. To celebrate getting her license, she popped in a mixed tape, put down the sunroof, and promptly crashed on her own street.
  • McKenzie loves to sew clothes, costumes, pillows, costumes, and large toys for small children.
  • Sometimes she makes rope from yucca plants in her yard.
  • Her hobbies include speed texting, building fires, and dancing with her dog in the living room.
  • If forced to live on only one food for the rest of her life it would definitely be pizza.
  • People let their guard down right away with McKenzie because they know their secrets are safe with her.
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