Meet The Team

Talia Chakraborty

Business Insurance Agent

Talia is Shine’s Assistant Director of Marketing. She’s a Personal & Commercial Insurance Agent too. Whoo, what a mouthful!

Talia loves helping people and focuses her energy on that. Some examples include:

  • teaching how to write cover letters that pop (or blog posts, or whatever),
  • delivering food with Meals on Wheels, and most importantly,
  • helping great people get great coverage.

In her pre-Shine life, she:

  • wrote about food, Airbnb hosting, and everything in between,
  • helped international folks understand their immigration status for two major universities,
  • earned a master’s degree with some pretty sweet student loan debt, and
  • ate her way through Central Europe, Northern Europe, and India.

When she’s not at work, she’s usually very busy devouring Chinese food, sipping on locally brewed craft beer, or walking with her family to one (or both) of those things.

Ready to change the way you feel about insurance? Reach Talia and the Shine team here.


  • Talia can remember the flavors of meals she ate three years ago but can’t remember what happened in the movie she saw last month.
  • She likes drinking black coffee, watching northern European crime dramas, and snuggling.
  • Her first car was a ’98 maroon Corolla. A hand me down, it was a happy first car for her and her older brother. When not driving, she enjoyed sitting in the car, jamming out to music while holding the partially detached stereo in place with her foot.
  • Talia goes so deep into research mode that her husband calls her a detective. Typical topics range from Victorian homes to restaurants, toys for her daughter, and anything food related.
  • Talia once walked 14 miles in one day because walking on vacation is fun.
  • She loves texting, listening to the same song ten times in a row, and dreaming of her next vacation.
  • If she had to, Talia could eat hot pot all day every day forever.
  • Talia once wrote a professional bio for a clairvoyant person who was pleasantly surprised with the results.
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