Shine took a look at one of my apartments and helped me realize some gaps in our coverage. With their help, we were able to improve our coverage, while managing our costs. On top of that, they explained the coverage in a way that empowered us to make informed decisions to manage risk across our portfolio.  Jeremy and his team have become a trusted advisor for us.

John Casmon

Casmon Capital Group

From the very moment I filed the claim, the service from both Shine & the company was outstanding. Shine took the time to stay in contact with me throughout the entire process & even after to make sure that everything was going well & the job was completed to my satisfaction.

Nina Onesti

Homeowner & Real Estate Investor

Real estate is all about connections and team. I’d honestly never seen my insurance agent as an integral part of that until my broker introduced me to Shine.

Bruce Speth

Capital Square Investments

What is Shine Insurance?

Shine is an independent insurance agency that offers VIP service, clear advice, and access to the best companies in the industry.   We realize that dealing with insurance isn't anyone's favorite thing to do, so we make it simple, friendly, and painless.  Our focus on real estate means we speak your language.  You can expect quality options for the best price explained in a way that makes sense.  

Most importantly, when the worst happens, we've got your back.

SIMPLE      |      SMART      |      SHINE


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1. First Connection

Submit your info online or give us a buzz.  Either way, we start by getting to know you.

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2. Companies Battle

We orchestrate an epic competition between the best companies in the industry. 

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3. You Win

We'll customize the winning option and break it down in clear and simple explanation.

Jeremy Goodrich Shine Insurance

Jeremy Goodrich

Before starting Shine, I spent 13 years as an elementary school teacher.  The clarity, consistency, and care it took took to help kids understand arithmetic is the same we apply to insurance.  Keeping real estate investors & homeowners safe is one of my life's great joys.

Founder / CEO

McKenzie Goodrich Shine Insurance

McKenzie Goodrich

Three generations of my family have protected our community.  In 2013, I decided it was time to do it my way, to pull back the curtain on the insurance industry and focus on what's best for our clients.  We've been changing the way people feel about insurance ever since.

Founder / CFO