Say goodbye to stressful insurance

Insurance should provide peace of mind, not a throbbing headache.  Long hold times, call centers, and slimy salesmen are the worst.

Meet your Insurance Teacher

We take something complicated and make it understandable.   Advice every step of the way and advocacy when you need us most is why Shine always gets an A.

Shine is SMART

Our office is an arena where the best insurance companies battle and the winner is you!  The result is smart policies, with the highest rated companies, at incredible prices.
Sometimes, competition is good.

Shine is Simple

Here’s how it works:
1.    Easily submit your information.
2.    Insurance companies compete to win your favor.
3.    We’ll share the results & zoom in on the best one.
4.    Ask as many or as few questions as you like.
5.    We’ll put coverage and billing in place.
6.    When you need us, the whole Shine Team is here for you.

Insurance Never Felt Better

Our mission is to change the way you feel about insurance.  That starts with smart simple policies and continues with a commitment to social justice.  We help local organizations by cutting checks and sharing our time. Warm fuzzy feelings happen daily at Shine.

Dealing with a voice is more powerful than any digital platform. Having someone always willing to answer our questions in a timely manner has been key to opening our family business.
Andrea Y
“Dealing with insurance is not ever fun. Shine Insurance makes everything so simple and clear and upbeat! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”
Heidi Harmon
I loved that you treated me like a person who has genuine concerns and that i actually mattered. It was a breath of fresh air.
We were looking for an agent that makes us feel like people rather than numbers. You continue to prove that we made the right choice by switching to Shine.
Rob Potter
Extremely efficient, honest and fair. Friendly and caring, not only when you have a claim but anytime you have a question or need to add a policy. Simply exceptional compared to the rest.
Jamie Blackwell Morris
I was able to immediately get my car into the repair shop and they had a rental car waiting for me. I feel like I had a friend holding my hand. It was much harder to call my mom and let her know I was in an accident.
James Moyer
Thanks Shine for your EXCELLENT customer service and your general love for the community. Anyone that wants an insurance company that really slows down to focus on your needs, give them a call!
Bridgett DiVohl
I always assumed that dealing with an insurance company would be like filing taxes during a root canal. I could not have been more wrong! The entire process was more similar to chatting with friends that offered friendly...
Brian Jennings
I’ve always had car insurance, but until this accident, I never realized how important it is to have GOOD insurance. Working with Shine was the key factor in making our accident a manageable headache.
Jeremy Sowders
I felt like there was someone on my side, who had my back.
I love how everything is explained simply (but not in a condescending way), and I love how easy it is to make changes to my policy! In the past, my experience with insurance agents is that I have to reach out to them if I...