Agency Autopilot

What if your agency could run on autopilot? 

Every independent insurance agency owner can achieve freedom through your business.  What would you do with more time, more travel, & more family?

More of the things that bring you happiness. 

But too many of us are Chief Everything Officers.  

We experience:

  • Long hours 
  • Wearing 10 hats every single day
  • No clear systems
  • No clear outcomes
  • No clear way to tell if our team is performing
  • No clear way to fill the funnel with ideal clients  

The freedom we're working towards feels really far away.


Agency Autopilot helps insurance agency owners build the life of your dreams.  Your agency is the vehicle and the goal is freedom.

We help you build an agency that can run on autopilot and support the life of your dreams.

The ability to hit your autopilot button requires 6 compartments: 

  • Consistent Opportunities
  • Clear Sales Process
  • Clockwork Operations
  • Empowered Team
  • Raving Fans
  • Passive Income Strategy

Agency Autopilot is the system that will get you there.

Jeremy Goodrich Shine Insurance

"I was a loner for WAY too long before realizing that we grow a ton faster and smarter when we help each other.  Now I'm paying it forward by sharing how we built Shine Insurance from scratch over the last 10 years and celebrating wins with agencies across the country"

Jeremy Goodrich / Founder & CEO


coaching for insurance agency

1. Sprints 

Clear focused intensives improving one piece of your agency.

advice for insurance agency owners

2. Mastermind

  Grow your business along side the smartest agency owners in the business. 

multifamily insurance

3. Accountability

You'll always have key partners to challenge you and celebrate your wins.