Stop wasting time wondering what’s supposed to happen in a claim.

Have you ever just wanted somebody to give you a clear, easy plan for navigating a rental property claim?

If you:

  • Want to make sure you understand the process
  • Could use a clear step-by-step description
  • Need help with a claim you’re dealing with right now

Then this free, step-by-step guide will help you!  You don’t need to be a certified insurance genius to successfully navigate a claim.  It takes a basic knowledge of how each step works.  That’s exactly what we created.



We’ll walk you through:

Day One

Six steps to take right when the damage to your property happens

Week One

Things that will happen in the first few days after the damage happened.

Week Two & Three

Settling in to fixing the damage and paying for the work.

Weeks Four through ???

Larger claims can be a long haul.  We’ll explain what to expect.

Finishing Up

What are some of the final things to make sure your property is fixed, the work is paid for, and you can get tenants back in.

It’s all in the guide!