So you got a speeding ticket, but there was a strange second option that came with it called a Deferment Program. It says that you can pay an extra chuck of change and the police department will be kind enough to wipe that ticket clean off of your record.

The speeding ticket won’t exist anymore but it’ll cost you $60-$100 on top of the $200 ticket.
You think to yourself, “Gosh it’s already expensive enough to get a speeding ticket. Do I really want to spend that extra money to get wiped off my record?

Well, when it comes to insurance, the answer is yes.

You’ve got to understand the speeding tickets do affect your insurance premium.  One speeding ticket isn’t going to affect things a ton.  If you don’t have any other accidents or any other tickets, this ticket will have some effect but it probably won’t have a big one.  So, I suppose, if you’re planning in the next three years to just get that one speeding ticket and nothing else the Deferment Program may not be worth it.

But let’s be honest you don’t know what’s going to happen in the next three years.  If you do have an accident, if you do get another speeding ticket these things start to multiply.

The two of them become a greater factor than either one thing would have on its own.

By getting rid of the speeding ticket with the Deferment Program you’ve take away the potential multiplier if something else happens. It stinks, but my advice is to pay that extra money and get the speeding ticket whipped clean from your record.  Especially if you already have an accident or a ticket on the roster.  Then you definitely want to get rid of the one you’re facing right now.

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