Meet The Team

Jeremy Goodrich


Jeremy owns Shine Insurance Agency with McKenzie. He’s a teacher at heart and he simplifies the insurance experience by giving step by step guidance along the way.

Before Shine, he was an elementary school teacher for 13 years, helping countless kids fall in love with art, math, science, and writing. Former students remember learning to play hockey in gym class, opening epic businesses in a virtual world called The Businesses Project, and learning to use a sewing machine.

Jeremy is a graduate of Indiana University and completed an Americorps term of service in Vermont before becoming a teacher. He continues to practice service learning and servant leadership.

After years of participating on the sidelines of the independent insurance world, he decided it was time to change the way people feel about insurance. Jumping in feet first, he and McKenzie founded Shine Insurance Agency and have been happily running a couples’ owned small business since.

Need an insurance guide? Jeremy has carried his teaching skills over to help you understand how to protect yourself. Most days Jeremy can be found helping folks with insurance, but he loves podcasting, building business workflows, and recording videos for YouTube. You just found an insurance advisor whose passion is teaching!


  • Jeremy thinks he can predict the weather better than the professionals.
  • On the weekends, he enjoys listening to podcasts while building stuff out of wood for his house.
  • His first car was a red 1984 Toyota Corolla, bought with solid gold lawn mowing money. He’s been a business owner since he was 14 and it feels good.
  • Jeremy hopes to break a Guinness World Record for the longest ever darts marathon.
  • His “Useless Skill” is catching items that fall out of the fridge.
  • Jeremy’s hobbies include soccer, golf, and air guitar.
  • Jeremy believes that if necessary he could live on dippy eggs on toast forever.
  • Jeremy’s a quippable guy. A former Shine employee (hi Julia!) once wrote a book entirely made of Jeremyisms. Hilairs.
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