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Have you ever just felt stuck, like your life or your business simply isn’t where you want it to be, like you need a transformation?

On episode 7, you’ll meet transformation coach Adam Schaeuble.  Adam’s focus is on physical transformations but as you’ll experience, his strategy applies to every kind of transformation imaginable.

His businesses, Next Generation Personal Training &, both focus on a step-by-step journey to escaping bad habits and building healthy ones.  Whether its your business, your body, or your relationships, after listening to this episode you’ll have a foundation for change.

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Here are some highlights:

Who is Adam?

On the surface, Adam is a workout guru and fitness trainer.  But as you’ll experience to leave it at that would be a colossal understatement.  The truth is he’s a motivator, a life changer.  Yes, the change he inspires in people is often physical but the building blocks are always mental, always strategic, always rooted in long-term wellbeing and happiness.

How did it all start?
As Jim Rohn says, “For things 2 change u have to change.  For things 2 get better u have to get better” – Tweet That!

Adam came out of college with a degree in personal training.  But his own life didn’t reflect the success he hoped for in his clients.  He was overweight, out of sync, and unhappy.  So he developed a system for change. He started by creating a map for exactly who he wanted to be in 5 years.  This step in the process would come to be know as his lifestyle rehabilitation statement.

But creating a map is a step that many of us know and have probably done.  The next thing he did is where the power lies.  By reading and envisioning his goals every morning and every night and believing the words on that paper as truth, Adam created a mental reconstruction that made those goals a reality.

During the next 5 years, Adam wasn’t just having a personal transformation.  He had also taken a fledgling fitness training endeavor and built the foundation of the healthy profitable business he has today.

How does it work?

Adam and his clients create transformations by setting goals, visioning, and following through.  And on the surface it sounds easy.  But for any of us who’ve ever tried to lose weight, quite smoking, fix the direction of our business, or otherwise improve our human habits, we know it’s actually really hard.  Adam agrees. And that’s why he’s so passionate about the process.  He sees real transformation everyday.

The Process

Three parts to planning your transformation:

1.  Goals with a specific “WHY?”

The first is very specific goals.  The more detailed the goal the easier it is to envision and therefore the more attainable it can be. These goals MUST have a WHY.  A concrete reason you’re working the achieve this outcome.

Your WHY can’t be shallow, it has to mean something real and tangible to you.  Think about all the stories you hear about people who have some life changing event, a car accident, the loss of a loved one, a business that collapsed.  Many of those stories share profoundly positive changes that came as a result.  The reason is that crisis, tragedy, and failure create powerful WHYs.  But that’s not the only way to find a powerful WHY.

Adam uses Coach Ray as an example. Coach Ray had a tangible WHY for losing weight.  He wanted his wife to be able to wrap her arms around him.  Rather than wait for tragedy, he found a WHY in the present and focused on it.  When we see an unhealthy habit in life or in business, we usually know it.  Finding the WHY now creates change before tragedy creates one for us.

transformation coach adam schaeuble2. Address Danger Zones & Own the Process

Then it’s time to address the distractions, the danger zones.  By looking at potential pitfalls from the start, we can be prepared for them and know how we plan to respond. We often blame the Danger Zones on other people.  “If the staff at my business wasn’t checking Facebook all day we’d be more profitable”.

We have to own every step of our process and understand that we’re in charge of the success or failure of this transformation.  In Adam’s mind, there are only two real excuses: becoming physically incapable, or doing EVERYTHING your coaches or advisor tell you and it simply doesn’t work.  Beyond that, there are NO excuses.

3.  Create Balance

Finally, creating balance, not swinging heavily from one approach to another only to fail and find yourself back where you started.

All walks of successful people start a plan with these three components: specific attainable goals and predetermined responses to the pitfalls that may arise along the way, and avoiding the heavy swings that come when you lack balance.

Put it all together and you get Healthy Habits

All of this structure and preparation is for one simple purpose, to create healthy habits.  Nothing more, nothing less.  For physical fitness, marriage, business ownership, and really almost everything in life, habits are equally powerful foundations for success & failure.

Transformation, however, isn’t a trip to a destination.  You don’t get there and say, “Great, I’m Here!”  Anyone who’s even gone through a transformation can attest to this.  You don’t ever hear anyone say, “I’m not an alcoholic anymore”.  They say, “I’ve been sober for 2 years, 3 months, and 7 days.”  People who have successful transformations understand this one point:

My new habits, the ones that I’m proud of are part of me today.  But yesterday is still a part of my journey and if I ever forget to own that, tomorrow will one hundred times harder.

 Finding Balance as a Business Owner

Adam’s a passionate guy and he’s always put everything he has into his business.  But a few years in, his body literally gave in from the stress, lack of sleep, and long hours.  He collapsed three different times and went to the hospital, not sure if he would live.  His doctors stated that he had to slow down or close down.

That’s when he became a part of the Strategic Coach business owner community.  As a part of the works he’s done with them, he has to take at least two days per week off and not think about the business at all.  On those days, Adam’s focuses on himself and his family.  So how did this approach change his business?

Now he:

  1. has to be more efficient
  2. has to have a team
  3. has to trust his team
  4. has to do the thing that are his “Unique Ability”.  Everything else should be done by your team
Great is the enemy of Excellent.  -Tweet That!
Scaling Your Business

Finally, 9 years in, Adam is thinking a lot more about scale.  He’s using the online platform to create blog posts, videos, and a podcast to help as many people as possible.

He’s found the method that works for him to help as many people transform their lives as possible.

Special thanks to Adam Schaeuble for taking the time to share his story with us.

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Resources Mentioned:

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

The Third Component by Adam Schaeuble


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Interview, Editing & Production by Jeremy Goodrich

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