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We support families by helping you SHINE even after you’re gone.

So here’s a quick overview:
Term Life
The most basic Life Insurance Policy.

You chose two options:

  1. A “Face Value” or the amount of money that the policy will pay your beneficiaries if you pass away.
  2. A “Term” or the period of time that the policy will stay the same price no matter what changes about your health.
 Term Life – Return of Premium
The same benefits as a regular term life policy with one added bonus: If you live through the term you get every dollar back that you put in.
Universal/Whole Life Insurance
When you’re ready to look at life insurance as an investment strategy beyond a simple death benefit, Universal and Whole Life policies are the answer.  Options include interest bearing investments, retirement income, end of life care, and much more.  Building the right policy depends on what you want out of it.  We can help you decide.


This is a brief overview of the coverage that most businesses need and is not meant to be a comprehensive description of exactly what your business needs.  Your trusted agent will help you with that.


Top 2 tips beyond the coverage:
  1. Do NOT shop by price alone. Individuals who focus purely on price often find the worst service and catastrophic claims experiences.
  2. Trust your gut and find an agent with integrity.  Your insurance agent is one of the key financial and risk advisers on your team, choose this relationship wisely.

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