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Air BnB Insurance

Thinking about renting your home via Airbnb?

The insurance side of Air BnB and other vacation rentals can be complicated so let’s give you a solid foundation to work from.

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Does Homeowners Insurance cover Air BnB?

No, it doesn’t. Insurance companies differentiate between personal insurance and business insurance.  When you bring a business into your home, regular homeowners insurance doesn’t cover that “exposure” like you’d expect it to.

Does a tenant insurance policy cover Air BnB?

Same as the last one, no. The reason is that you’ll be having multiple guests, not just one annual tenant.  A tenant insurance policy is built for a single annual tenant.  You need a vacation rental insurance policy.

What are the three most important coverage options?

The three most important coverage options are:

  • Dwelling Coverage – to rebuild your home itself if a covered event happens and damages your property
  • Personal Property Coverage – to replace your belongings
  • Liability Coverage – to protect you and help pay medical bills if something bad happens to your renters or their guests because of your property,
How can I find the right insurance for Air BnBs?

Ask your insurance agent for a VACATION RENTAL insurance policy.  Some insurers will offer special types of insurance specifically for Air BnB. A good insurance agent will ask you quite a few questions about how you plan to rent your home out.  They should tailor the policy based on details like:

  • Will you rent tohe entire property or just part of your own home?
  • Will you use online sites like Air BnB or will you use another avenue?
  • How often do you expect the property to have guests?
  • What is the longest you’ll have the property sitting empty without any guests?

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