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scratch entrepreneur

Have you ever dreamed of starting a business based on something you just love to do?

Sure you have.

The owners of Cardinal Spirits did too. They loved mixing drinks and their crazy dream was to build a distillery, make hard alcohol, and invent great drinks to mix their vodka, rum, and more into. So they went for it.
In this episode of Scratch Entrepreneur, Jeff Wuslich shares how their business became legal, what they did next, and whether bourbon can be made outside of Kentucky.


Some show topics include:

  • What distillation is and how it works
  • How Jeff and the Cardinal Spirits team took an idea that was basically illegal and lobbied the Indiana state government to change the law
  • What their #1 marketing strategy is
  • One major difference between a micro-brewery and a micro-distillery
  • What’s the difference between whiskey and bourbon
  • Can Bourbon be made outside of Kentucky

A special thanks to Jeff Wuslich for taking the time to chat with us.


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