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gather shoppe

Our guest today is a hero in the Bloomington, Indiana community of artists.

Armored with her hand crafted leather notebooks, she started by venturing out and attempting to make a living as an artist.  As so many heroes do, she experienced perils, hardship, and moments of doubt.  Then she realized that she should band together a collaborative community of artists.  Ultimately, she started a brick and mortar store bringing together all of their work into one location.  Talia Halliday owner of Gather Shoppe, a retail art store in downtown Bloomington Indiana, is a purveyor of art and crafts.  She’s a leader who has rallied every artist together in a epic battle of art versus evil.  And she set down her sword to take a quick moment and tell her story on this episode of Scratch.

gather bloomington

Special thanks to Talia Halliday for taking the time to share the Gather story with us

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