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Giving Back Collage


The votes are tallied and the checks delivered!
We’re warm and fuzzy.

Our Giving Back program is a way for our clients to give back to the community and social service organizations they love the most.

Each year, we commit to donating a portion of our profit to 3 organizations.

Our clients choose their favorite, and we split the donation accordingly.

We deliver the checks on the Valentine’s Day of the following year.

Our 2014 Giving Back recipients were The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington, the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter, and Riley Children’s Hospital.

We’re proud to report that we were able to donate enough money to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington to cover the cost of a full year of services for a kid in need. We feel GREAT about this! Big thanks to our clients for your support!

We also delivered a check to the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter, where we know the money will go a long way in the care and keeping of the loving creatures who live at the Shelter till they find their forever home.

We sent a check to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Riley served Jeremy and his family in so many ways, and we can’t say enough good things about the kindness, care, and support that Riley offers to every family who comes through their doors. Riley is a place of hope and goodness, and we are super fortunate to live so close to a world-class children’s hospital.

Valentine’s Day is not a cheesy, greeting card company holiday to us.

Valentine’s Day is about love and generosity and connection.

Here’s why we LOVE Valentine’s Day…

We met on Valentine’s Day 2009. It was a chance…or fated…encounter at the Video Saloon, a bar in Bloomington, Indiana. I (McKenzie) was out with a friend who was going through a break up. Jeremy was flying solo, dancing and enjoying his freedom. Our eyes connected, he apologized for being sweaty and stinky after hours of dancing. I told him he smelled great. The conversation went till the wee hours. Then he took her on a legit date. We were married and now we’re entrepreneurs together. We have so much to celebrate.

For us, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and connection, and giving back to our community.

We are honored to have so much support from our community and our clients that we are able to give back! Thank you for your generosity.

With love,