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Have you ever wondered how a realtor receives compensation?

This information is VITAL in knowing how your realtor will/could affect the price of your home!


How does it work?

When a seller hires a realtor, they negotiate a price, or commission, the realtor will receive the the home sells. The commission is paid at the closing. A seller will post the commission amount in an area that the realtor will be able to see it.

The buyer almost NEVER pays for the realtor!

What is the difference in how realtors get paid?

First, realtors can’t LEGALLY get together and negotiate prices. For that reason, there is a lot of fluctuation.

They’ll usually be given a fee, which is a percent of the sale price. It can be split evenly or sometimes unevenly.

So is a realtor right for you?


1. You don’t need to pay them

2. They have expert advice for your unique needs

3. They walk you right through the process of buying your first home


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