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life insurance questions
There are tons of ads about cheap and easy life insurance. The reality is that most policies have a whole set of questions you’ll be asked and the answers can change the price dramatically.
Jeremy and JC Matthews from Simply Insurance get you prepared by explaining 4 important sets of questions you’ll need to be ready to answer.

They include:


  • The Owner: This is the person who sets up the policy and has the ability to change things about it. This isn’t always the person who the insurance policy actually covers.


  • The Insured: The person who’s life the policy is connected with. The “death benefit: would only pay out if s/he was to pass away.


  • The Beneficiary: The person who goes the money if the insured passes away.


  • The Contingent Beneficiary: The person who gets the money if both the insured and the beneficiary pass away.



You’ll be asked about things that are part of your life. This can include questions about:

  • Smoking
  • Travel
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Race Car Driving
  • Your Job



The bottom line is that they’ll ask a ton of health questions. Really…. a TON!!!  Be ready and be honest and just tell it like it is.



How to set up payment:

  • The best way to do it is automatic withdrawal from a bank account. This way you can set it and forget it. —
  • You don’t HAVE to share payment information at the beginning if you don’t want to. You only have to share it once the underwriting process is complete.


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