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On today’s episode of Scratch Entrepreneur:

How Jessica & Aaron Wehr took a Christmas present and turned it into a booming agricultural business, Wehrloom Honey.  We’re glad you joined us.


Jessica & Aaron answers the following questions:

wehrloom honey


  • How did the spark for Wehrloom Honey happen?
  • How did it feel when you took the leap from manufacturing honey in your basement to building a full-fledged store & distribution center?
  • How did your relationship with the hives change as the business grew?
  • What systems have you created as employees have come on board?
  • You’ve diversified the product selection a ton. Tell us about how you came up with new ideas?
  • How in the world can you sell an alcoholic beverage (mead) in one of the few remaining dry counties?
  • What do you think Wehrloom will look like in 5 years?


Special thanks to Jessica & Aaron Wehr for taking the time to share the Wehrloom story with us.

robbinsville north carolina


You can find all of their honey, lip balms, body creams, soaps, & candles at www.wehrloom.com.  To try their mead, swing by the store at 257 Willie Colvin Rd, Robbinsville, NC, 28771 (Google it, the drive is beautiful).  You’ll also be able to taste the mead soon at breweries around North Carolina.


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