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scratch entrepreneur

podcast about starting a profitable business

Ever wonder what it takes to start a business?

If you’d love to hear the stories of people who’ve already done it , we’ve created a podcast just for you.

As the owners of our own small business, Shine Insurance Agency, we talk with new business owners every day. We hear their successes and their struggles. Our clients see us as an integral part of their advisory team so we end up talking about employees, taxes, family, marketing, and everything else involved in running a business.

Scratch Entrepreneur is our attempt to share those stories with you.

Whether you own a business already, just wonder how others do it, or you dream of being self-employed and have no idea where to start, each episode will shed some light on how another brave soul traveled the path of business ownership.
Scratch Entrepreneur offers true stories of remarkable people who dropped everything to start a healthy profitable business. We hope you’ll join us.

Listen to the preview here:


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scratch entrepreneur