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Today’s guests are world renowned in the field of Graphic Design.

They’ve worked for some of the biggest design agencies, advised some of the best companies, studied under legends in their field, spoken in front of huge audiences, and built a following of other graphic designers.  They themselves have now become a powerhouse couple in their field.  Armin Vit & Bryony Gomez-Palacio, owners of the graphic design firm Under Consideration, share their story.

We’re glad you joined us.

Here’s an overview:

What makes good graphic design? (3:15)

It depends on the business, the ideal client, and ultimately what someone is trying to say.  There’s no magically answer and, at the same time, there is a magic to the result.  A good graphic designer can use the tools they have to create that visual story and connect the ideal client with the brand.  It’s a collaboration

How did their childhood affect who they became? (10:15)

Bryony grew up in a family of artists and achitects so she was surrounded by creative folks and that fostered her interest.  Armin really could have cared less.  He loved video games, wrestling, and basketball.  Beyond that, everything was boring.

How did Bryony & Armin Meet? (14:05)

They were both Graphic Design students in Mexico City.  They met each other at a bar and grew their relationship from there.

brand new conference
So how did they end up in the United States? (16:35)

Bryony wasn’t feeling motivated by the Graphic Design community in Mexico City.  Her professors and peers lacked seriousness and she was becoming frustrated.  Bryony moved to Atlanta in search of a community motivated at the highest level.  When Armin graduated from college in Mexico City, he followed.  They ended up loving the design world north of the border and the design world loved them too.  From Atlanta, they took jobs in Chicago and ultimately ended up in New York City with some of the best jobs in the graphic design industry.

brand new conference
How did they start Under Consideration? (19:35)

Bryony left her job to start Under Consideration and to start a family.  She was working from home and building the client base.  When the baby was born Armin to paternity leave.  When he went back to work he was miserable.  So he left and they put all of their energy into growing their own business.

What does Under Consideration do? (22:10)

They do limited client work but the primary work they do is for other graphic designers.  They work as blog and put on an annual conference.  They’ve built a business creating initiatives for their audience of their peers.

The conference has been a great success as they’ve simply put on a great show for a very specific niche of graphic designers.

­ brand new conference nashville
How do they handle failure? (31:32)

Bryony & Armin are always taking things to the next level.  The badges and bags for their conference are beautiful handmade works of art that they make each year.  Every year they try and wow their attendees.  That has also meant huge failures.  They simply have to try and try again until the final product is to their liking.

Special thanks to Armin Vit & Bryony Gomez-Palacio for taking the time to share the Under Consideration story with us.


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