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Upland Brewing Doug Dayhoff

On today’s show the story of how Doug Dayhoff and the Upland team grew a small town brewery and pub into a multi-million dollar business known internationally for their lineup of traditional craft beers and their innovation around brewing wood aged sour beers.


Crafting your own beer has been a hobby for centuries but commercially brewing beer that’s as much about quality and taste as it is about getting a buzz is a trend that’s been doug dayhoffgrowing since the 1970’s. In the 90’s craft breweries started popping up around the United States and Upland was one of them. Now, in 2017, Upland is one of more than 5000 breweries around the country.
Doug Dayhoff is the president of Upland today but he didn’t start the brewery. He was friends with the guys that did. He certainly tasted the Upland beers as they evolved from a home brewing hobby to the 11th St Pub & Brewery. But in 2006 the stars aligned and he took over as the president of Upland. Since then, the business has boomed. In episode 9 of Scratch Entrepreneur, Doug shares how he steers a team of over 100 employees towards craft brewery greatness.
Doug answers the following questions:

• How is it that Upland can take so many big risks and make so many growth leaps in such a short time?scratch entrepreneur upland

• As the CEO of a multimillion dollar company, how does Doug manage the variety of personalities and steer the ship in the right direction?

• How does Doug let brewers and chefs be creative without losing focus and, ultimately, making money?

• What’s a sour beer? How is it made? Who likes it? What does the future of sours hold?

• There’s been a trend of larger independent breweries selling to the mega breweries. What are Doug’s thoughts on it a how it effects the independent brewing industry as a whole?


Special thanks to Doug Dayhoff for taking the time to share the Upland story with us.


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