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Independent insurance agent

You walked into your home or office and noticed something was off.

To your horror, you realized – someone was in your space, and they messed with your stuff!

Grab this checklist and follow these steps, in order of importance:

  1. If you think someone could possibly still be in your space, wait outside
  2. Contact the police, do not clean up the mess just yet
  3. Meeting with the police – keep notes, especially the following:
    1. Officer’s name
    2. Officer’s name
    3. Officer’s phone number
    4. Case #
    5. Estimated timeline you will be able to get police report
  4. Take copious photos/video
  5. If you’re at work, let your coworkers know what they are about to walk in to, reassure them. If your space was ransacked, everyone may need to pitch in to get it back in order, and they may need to bring a change of clothes.
  6. If a computer, laptop, or mobile device are missing, notify your IT provider

If your IT provider *manages your machines* (you have to ask and pay for this), they will be able to help you and the police with tracking the computer and maybe even getting a photo of the thief.

*If someone is with you, ask them to start making a list of what is missing. You will review it and photos later and may continue to update the list over several hours as you discover more missing items.

  1. Get down to business and start resetting/changing those passwords (your IT provider may not be able to do this part, unless they are in-house and manage passwords already)

In order of importance, check off as you go, space provided for you to make notes.

*Repeat for each person whose computer is missing

    • Email provider(s)

Reset password for all email accounts that have been accessed on the stolen computer

*Change email first –new passwords from other sites may be emailed*

    • Cloud storage
    • Banking
      • Banking related, like Quickbooks
      • Credit cards
    • Payroll system
    • Google Chrome
    • Phone system for your business (if on computer/device)
    • Online signature software, like Adobe Sign
    • CRM/Agency Management System (for business)
    • Vendors (like Vistaprint, Mailchimp, Adobe)
    • Vendors for business (ex: Indiana Unemployment Tax system)

Once you feel confident the thief will not be able to access your data, you can move on to dealing with the physically tangible solutions:

    • Landlord
    • Locksmith
    • Insurance Agent
    • Other

We know firsthand what it feels like to be surprised by vandalization and burglary.

It’s such a violation of your space and your trust. It’s creepy. It’s scary.

We hope this checklist helps you in a time of need. We’re here for you. We know you will shine on. Hang in there.