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great road trip podcasts

When you’re headed out on a road trip,  great podcasts are a fantastic way to pass the time.

Here’s our list of the best podcasts to get you there in a flash:
 gimlet media mystery show
The Mystery Show:

Anything by Gimlet Media is amazing but this one’s our favorite. Starlee Kine solves some pretty out there mysteries and the way she goes about it is fascinating. The best parts are the little side trips along the way.

this american life with Ira Glass

This American Life:

The podcast that made podcasts famous. Ira Glass is a master storyteller and you can’t help but be drawn in by the images he weaves throughout each episode. There are almost 600 episodes and you’ll find a story to love on almost every topic imaginable.

great road trip podcasts

Sound Opinions:

Sticking with shows taped at WBEZ Chicago, Sound Opinions features Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis, two juggernauts of the Rock critic world giving you some music news, an interview with a great band, and a ton of opinions on music. If you love digging a bit deeper than average into music, Sound Opinions is a go to.

great road trip podcasts

My Favorite Murder:

(For Adult Ears) Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark love true crime stories. In each episode they tell each other a crime story and, uh, dissect it. The great part is that they’re also comedians so there’s a fun vibe to a serious topic.  You’ll be 100% sure that your best friends with these ladies before the end of the first episode.

scratch entrepreneur

Scratch Entrepreneur:

We’ve gotta include with our very own! Each episode of Scratch Entrepreneur tells the story of one business and how it was started from scratch. Businesses like King Dough PizzaCardinal Spirits, and musician Jason Wilber share their stories on our monthly show.

What are your favorite podcasts? Share with us HERE

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