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RCV Roofing

Today’s podcast has special guest Jay Nelson from RCV Roofing. He gives advice on roofing, and how he came to be a notable force in the roofing industry.

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How Jay started RCV?

Jay started RCV roofing after working with storm chasers.  He realized that the job had more of a focus on money, and he felt pretty disgusted by it.  Jay wanted to do it the right way. So he settled in Bloomington, IN where he grew RCV Roofing from zero.

What does the name RCV Roofing mean?

RCV is an acronym for Replacement Cost Value. Insurance will differentiate between two types of coverage: ACV and RCV. ACV is actual cost value.  That’s not good.  If you have RCV insurance, the full cost of the replacement will be covered. Here’s a video on the topic. The name RCV roofing reflects the better option and points out that Jay is going to get the best from insurance companies.

Why are Roofers and Insurance agents Enemies?

Roofers and insurance agents can be on opposite sides of roof damage.  Bad roofers can tell homeowners that there’s damage when there really isn’t.  This can frustrate insurance agents and insurance companies.  Bad insurance companies can try everything to not cover a claim properly.  This can frustrate roofers.  What Jay and Jeremy agree on is that if everyone is being honest and looking out for the best interest of the homeowner then roofers and insurance agents should get along just fine.

How do you pick a good roof?

Picking a good roof is key to your new home. The process starts by calling a reputable, local roofer.  Get some referrals from friends family and probably Facebook.

Next, the roofer should explain options.  Giving you a good, better, best scenario.  If the roofer only offers one option it’s a red flag.

What are the mistakes people make when buying a roof?

Always going with the lowest price is the biggest mistake. The cost always has to come from somewhere. Check with other roofing companies, and if one estimate is far off from the next then there’s a reason. Also, make sure to do your research beforehand. See if the roofer and roofing company you’ve gone with would be the best option for your business.

Never sign anything before talking out the options with your roofer.  Yes, you’ll have to sign a work order before the job starts but that should happen after careful conversation, color and quality choices, etc.

Special thanks to Jay Nelson for showing us the importance of quality roofs and pulling back the curtains on how RCV Roofing works. You can visit him here.

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